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Supreme court rulings over the years have added restrictions. Google 1st Amendment Limitations. Or even asking "Are there limits to Freedom of Speech?"

Examples of things you cannot say or do as it pertains to the 1st Amendment.

You cannot get on a plane and say Hijack. Even if you have a friend named Jack on the plane, best to say, Hello, Jack lest it be construed that you plan to take over the plane with force. Nor can you go into an occupied/crowded building like the movie theater or grocery store and yell, "FIRE!!" Same concept.

You cannot tell someone who has certain ideations toward self-harm to unalive themselves. If they do unalive themselves and it was pointed out that you were the one that told them to do it, you can be charged for their death.

You cannot lie under oath. This is purgery and is punishable.

False advertisement isn't allowed either.

Another class of permissible restrictions on speech is based on intellectual property rights. Both copyrights and trade secrets fall under this exception.

You cannot threaten to do harm, in any way, to the President of The USA. This also applies to any "President-elect, Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President, or Vice President-elect.

Defamation, libel/slander is also unprotected by the 1st Amendment.

Would you like me to continue with other examples of things you cannot say?

In other words, you cannot say whatever tf you want to, just because "you can". There are always consequences.

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4 months ago

You said I didn't read the whole admendment, what did you mean?