I started the books in October 2022 and I am proud to say I am caught up to ASOIAF!

I am excited that I actually get to read the posts on this sub now. I was hesitant on doing so until I had caught up. I still have Fire and Blood to read.

Something about the prologue of ADWD just left me putting the book down after reading it. It was very brutal and insightful to Bran’s story.

The book left me wondering (still) about Varamyr Six Skins and his transition to the pack. Will he truly lose himself to the beast, or will Bran speak to him possibly in the future now that Summer is the alpha?

There were a lot of chapters that left an impact on me, and I was curious which of those had impacted other readers. Cheers!

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3 months ago

I loved Davos chapters, specially the second one. It had a court room vibe, and the side of the higher power refusing to (or pretending to) accept the truths, Davos calling the Freys liars in their faces, the outburst of young yet brave Wylla, and finally, a massive cliff hanger, that chapter was a great package to me.


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3 months ago

I nearly forgot about Davos. Im gonna have to reread his chapters again now because the characters introduced in his were so foreign I was thrown off, (Foreign to me not Westeros)


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3 months ago

Well, his chapters showed a different side of the ongoing war, where the Manderlys represented a small scenario of the houses of the North, and theur loyalty to the Starks. And let's not forget, these chapters are important setup for TWoW, where both Davos and Rickon gonna play a vital role in the overall story I presume.


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3 months ago

This is kind of off topic for the thread, but in one of Jon’s chapters, Mellisandre is talking about casting glamours and men seeing what they expect to see. One of the examples she uses of an object that enhances the glamour is “a bag of finger bones”. We know that Davos lost his luck, but do we have any idea what she meant with that statement? Does someone else have his fingers? Was he using them as some sort of talisman before he lost them, or is someone else using them now? On my first read through, I thought that they’d been used on the man who Manderly has executed in Davos’ place…but now I’m not so sure.